DASS-340 A Torrential Downpour While On A Business Trip, And I Unexpectedly Passed Out Drunk In Front Of My Boss, Whom I Hated… We Suddenly Shared A Room, And Even After Dawn, We Were Drenched In Saliva Ruisa Tozuki

Luisa is on a business trip to a sales meeting with her boss, who she doesn’t like. In the middle of a sudden heavy rain, I got drunk at a drinking party and went to the hotel. In front of her wet female body, her boss can’t help but attack her. Even though I don’t like it…something from a man I hate feels so good… Every time my uterus is penetrated, I feel dizzy with pleasure. Before I knew it, they were intertwining their body fluids and mating in a frenzy. Licking and sucking from the glans to the base. Mix the drool and kiss. They both climax in the pile driving cowgirl position that makes their slender waist undulate. I want more… No matter how many times I cum, my sexual desire never ends. Two people lose their reason and devour each other’s bodies with their desires. Intense and unparalleled sex that doesn’t end even after dawn, with sweaty skin in close contact.
Date: March 8, 2024