DVAJ-633 I can’t get home from the job due to a sudden heavy rain with my female boss… While we warm each other’s bodies, we end up creampied in the car with sexy wet hair and wet skin, so much so that the wagon shakes Ruisa Miyazuki – Ruisa Miyakozuki

I, a construction worker, went to the job site in a van with my boss, an older woman, and finished the work, but we were stranded at the job site due to a sudden heavy rain. Unable to drive due to muddy tires and no signal in the mountains, I have no choice but to spend the night in the car with my boss. I couldn’t hide my excitement as I couldn’t hide my excitement from seeing my boss’ hair wet from the rain, and the toned, muscular abs of his wet skin that was exposed as he wiped himself dry, and as I couldn’t hide my excitement, my boss snuggled up to me and…Lightning… Alone in the car amidst the roaring storm, their anxiety brought them closer to each other, and their feelings gradually began to grow, as they warmed up by pressing their bodies on top of each other so violently that the wagon shook.
Date: April 9, 2024

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