PFT-001 Mankitsuchu Original Work By Haruto Torasuke A Live-action Version Of The Popular Doujin Comic! Nozomi Arimura


When Aihara-kun was masturbating at a manga cafe, a girl in his class, Hirasaki-san, saw him ejaculate.As an apology, he decided to show Hirasaki-san masturbation! However, masturbation alone is not enough and it develops into naughty! ! My first sex I want to moan out loud but I desperately hold back! ! Mr. Hirasaki gets addicted to doing things where he shouldn’t do it…! ? Even when she went to karaoke for her first date, she couldn’t control her sexual desire and had sex! A youth story with a beautiful girl who enjoys lovey-dovey sex!

Date: January 26, 2024
Actors: Nozomi Arimura