PPPE-190 Returning to Okinawa from Tokyo with Sanshin! Hcup big breasted islander makes a triumphant return on the 3rd anniversary of her AV debut! Karen Yuzuriha – Karen Kaede

It’s already been 3 years since I landed on Honshu with my sanshin in hand! The girl who was 19 years old is now a fine sexy actress! He was invited to his hometown, Okinawa, as a celebration trip to celebrate his 3rd anniversary since his debut, and was filmed in an AV shoot! But suddenly, an unexpected problem occurs! The actor’s flight I arranged was late! But this is Karen’s hometown! There’s no such thing! I asked Karen-chan’s ex-boyfriend to make an appointment and participate in the emergency! They’re nervous about restarting after a long time, but once they start having sex, it’s like going back in time! Titty fuck and blowjob have grown much more than before! First time trying reverse Nan! I was able to get it and the negotiation was completed! A pile driving piston eviscerates an amateur man who boasts about his sexual desire! Vaginal drumming (chitsutsuzumi) on the locally produced and locally consumed Ryukyu penis! A two-night, three-day battle for the islander’s treasure begins! Karen Yuzuriha’s triumphant return makes her dream of being a sexy actress come true! *The meaning of [Yaribusa] is something like [I want to have sex] or [I want to have sex].
Date: May 9, 2024
Actors: Karen Kaede