IPZZ-151 For 3 days I was kept under house arrest by a part-time girl who loved me too much, and I continued to be playd by a psychopath J〇…Kana Momonogi

More than any good-looking guy, more than any celebrity, I can’t help but love the bald, overweight store manager at my part-time job… Kana, who is in the middle of adolescence, loves the manager of the store where she works part-time and can’t help herself. He tries to make an aggressive appeal, but is flatly rejected by the store manager, who has a wife and children and is a sensible man. At that moment, Kananochu was so angry… The store manager who was made to drink sleeping pills and became unconscious is kept in endless confinement. The crazy girl in uniform has completely broken her reason and crossed the line. Well done, manager. We’ll be together forever from today onwards.
Date: March 6, 2024
Actors: Kana Momonogi