PRED-560 While My Wife And I Were Bored, I Was Seduced By Ai (my Sister-in-law) And Ended Up Ejaculating Over And Over Again

While my wife is away traveling alone, my sister-in-law’s love and forbidden secret meeting… As the relationship between the couple grows colder, he becomes unable to resist her temptations… “My sister is having an affair while she’s on a trip anyway…” Even so, the more she thinks it’s no good, the more her rationality is blown away. Day, evening, night, and the next morning, I repeat the love and intense sex that is much more erotic than my wife’s, and cum over and over again. The best moments that we continue to seek for each other. I want to stay connected forever. It felt so good that my head melted with a sense of immorality and euphoria…
Date: March 22, 2024
Actors: Ai Takashima