SGKI-010 Female Caretaker M (Married) Will Give Cold-Hearted Guidance On The “Sex Crimes Eradication Treatment Center” Hypersexuality Crime

For three years, I closely interviewed a female prison guard who works at a rehabilitation facility called “Sexual Crime Eradication Treatment Center.” This is a record of a female prison guard, from her rookie days to the present, who performs sex acts with “prisoners with excessive sexual desire who have committed ●● crimes in the past” for the purpose of treating addiction. As a prison guard, it is part of your daily work to perform sexual acts with prisoners who have been imprisoned for sex crimes in the past. His professionalism and never showing his emotions while working is a must-see. With prisoners who can’t control their impulsive sexual desires, women coldly perform sex while looking at them from above, and sometimes make prisoners cum as they please, such as by immediately having sex, pistoning, or fingering them. The guard never changed his expression.
Date: March 10, 2024